Reverse Shift

from Benelliforum - posted by "85GXR" 24 June 2006

"I've been riding and racing with a reverse shift pattern (GP Shift) since 1994. The first thing I did with my new bike was spend a 1/2 hour changing things over to be able to use a reverse shift pattern. Below are pictures of what I have done so far.
The stock shift rod is threaded the same on both ends, so to adjust the angle of the shift lever, you have to disconnect one end to spin the heim joint rod end in or out, to achieve the desired lever angle. Cheap alternative to manufacturing it the right way, which is with one end having a reverse thread in the rod and using a reverse thread heim joint rod end.
With what I have done, [left + right threads - ed.] I can adjust the shift lever angle by just rotating the rod between my fingers and then tightening the lock nuts up. Real simple and it only takes a few moments to do."

Fig1. The reverse shift
"So what I have done is dug through all of my race spares to come up with something that works for now. I used a stainless steel rod with one end having reverse threads, two heim joint rod ends with lock nuts, and a button head screw to mount the one heim joint rod end onto the transmission shift shaft arm. The smaller diameter stainless steel shift rod just barely clears the rearset bracket at the mount bolt location. By using the button head screw, it just barely clears the bodywork when the transmission shift shaft lever is moved back and forth."


Closeup of clearance to Rearset bracket.

"This is my quick fix for the moment. I intend to come up with a better set-up in the future. I am hoping to come up with a complete kit that compensates for manufacturing tolerances so anyone can change over to the reverse shift pattern - 85GSXR"

Many thanks 85GSXR. I've been toying with this idea for a while. Now that I can see it, I will do it too - Engenia.

I set up a similar arrangement, which worked well, but in early 2007, the right peg bracket broke. Expecting the same to happen to the left, I temporarily made another, then joined Lawrencewhite's - benelliforum - group buy of Robby Moto Engineering rearsets. I fitted the Sport version, set up for reverse shifting.

Robby Moto Sport set up as reverse shift (Lawrence's pic)