Carbon Fibre Rack

This rack, developed in 2008/9, mounts onto the bike in a similar manner to the original aluminium one, in place of the pillion seat. It is a moulded in carbon fibre composite, which makes it both lighter and stronger, and aesthetically more pleasing. The first 2 took 13 hours each to manufacture, using moulds built up over many weeks.

Carbon Fibre Rack mounted in place of the pillion seat
Front View, showing 4 Bobbin tiepoints
Carbon Fibre Rack - viewed from above
Carbon Fibre Rack - viewed from below

The top 2 pictures show the Carbon Fibre Rack mounted on Nell, with tie-point bobbins attached. The bobbins are sized to fit 2 standard "octopus" strap hooks, side by side.
The bottom 2 pictures show the CF Rack itself from above & below. The side of the rack has 4x M6 (aviation) nutplates glued internally, which are used to add accessories, such as tiedown bobbins, or a pack-base (see below). A larger side rack system is also envisaged, similar to the original 2005 rack below. The base of the rack shows it's mounting lugs, locking pin, and tiedown bobbins.

Oxford Tailpack Mounting Accessory
The 4 Bobbin tiepoints are removed, to enable fitment of a pack base. This can be used to attach a top-box. The following shows it used with an Oxford (OF520) tailpack, called a Humpback. This pack has been superceded, however, it's successor, is very similar, and can be attached in the same manner.
The Oxford Tailpack consists of a pack and a base, to which it is zipped. In the case below, the base is an OF547, which has had it's straps removed, then sandwiched between 2 sheets of black HDPE, screwed together and then to a Carbon Fibre Pack Base.

Carbon Fibre Rack - unadorned
Oxford OF547 Tailpack base & PackBase
CFR - with PackBase/Oxford Base attached
CFR - with Oxford tailpack zipped into place

The PackBase is fixed to the CFR, via the 4x M6 nutplates mentioned above, and the tailpack zips to it. This makes for easy removal of the tailpack, while the Carbon Fibre Rack & accessory remains securely fixed to the bike. The standard M6 screws have stainless steel allen heads. The nutplates are an interference fit, which will not shake free, and do require an allen key to remove. For added security, these screws could be replaced with tamperproof type heads.

PackBase - underneath, showing anti-scuff foam
PackBase - showing 2x 4mm HDPE / OF547 sandwich

The 2 pictures above, show the PackBase construction, including adhesive foam strips, which reduce the likelihood of scuffing the Carbon Fibre Rack ribs.

Ventura Pack Mounting Accessory
The 4 Bobbin tie-points are removed, to enable fitment of a steel tube rail. The rail is shaped to accept a Ventura bag.
The Ventura Euro-Rally pack expands from 44 to 56 litres and slips into position in seconds.
This system was tested in June 2010, on a trip from Canberra to Brisbane, on roads that ranged from the sublime (Bylong Valley & Mt Lindsay) to "I'm never going to get through this without dropping it" (a wet clay Comboyne Rd). Very little motorway was used, and the system came though it with flying colours.
Since 2010, it's been used for thousands of kilometres including several trips to the Philip Island racetrack after giving up marshalling. It has performed flawlessly. The Ventura bag doesn't have the capacity or the low centre of gravity of the original aluminium rack and bespoke bag but it's easier to pack, attach and remove. It's also waterproof.

Carbon Fibre Rack - with the adapter rail fitted
Ventura Euro-Rally pack fastened in position
Ventura Euro-Rally pack

This luggage fixing system is unique to the Benelli Tornado. It is robust and light

For more information, email me, you may be able to persuade me to make you one.